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Becoming a writer and breaking into the publishing world is extremely difficult these days, especially with a recognised publisher. Presumably you are here because you think you have what it takes but have found it difficult to get that breakthrough. What we are offering is the platform from which to advance your career and gain a name. You will gain experience in writing for the modern reader.


Build a following within a rapidly growing brand


You are passionate about Liverpool Football Club and are able to channel that passion into your writing, that's why you are here. Our writers cover broad and narrow aspects of the game and are always refining their work to be as engaging and relevant to the networks community. Our dedicated team of contributors are expected to:


  • Meet submission requirements and deadlines

  • Make necessary and timely revisions, when requested

  • Engage in discussion with readers

  • Build a following and promote your articles with your followers

Ideally we are looking for writers who are savvy with social media such as Facebook and Twitter. More importantly we need people willing to take on board new ideas and develop their writing skill in this increasingly digital and social industry.


Be part of the Journey


We are in the midst of establishing ourselves as one the best independent Liverpool Football Club networks in the UK. More than being a Brand, we are a team that want everyone of our team to be successful and part of the football writing circuit. Why not sign up now and give it a go, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Editorial guidelines

Provided upon successful application. 

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